6 thoughts on “Halo: Combat Evolved mod adds new missions and ‘vastly improved graphics’ with 4K support”

  1. Wow that looks good! I never played Combat Evolved (other than a few minutes of the demo back on a potato PC). Ever since that one video someone posted that showed how the PC version was inferior to the OG Xbox version I’ve wanted a good PC version. I might try this.

    I’ve played Halo 3, 4, and Reach. I know the MCC is coming to PC but I heard the Combat Evolved on there is based of the gimped version.

  2. Basic Halo PC has a 4k support though. I completed a previous public release of this mod and personally didn’t like it. All textures are completely changed to custom ones and in many cases they look very ugly/out of place. Basically everything is redone in this mod, even all the models and their faces. They made Cortana look very uncanny and people heavily criticized them for that but they hardly improved her in this release. The Chief’s armor looks strange as well. They even changed Sr. Johnson’s face for some reason.

    All the effects are changed and in many cases it’s a straight downgrade. For example metal sparkles that bullets make when you shoot metal objects look much worse than the original CE, covenant corpses don’t leave blood when you shoot their bodies, etc. It’s small things but they add up, you would expect that they would improve stuff not downgrade it.

  3. I played the prior release of this (and will be playing this one soon) so I’ll throw in my comments here for others.

    I definitely recommend playing this if you’ve played the original Halo and want something more for it. The mod adds a lot of content including new areas, levels, enemies, vehicles, and weapons. It makes for a fun new way to try the game. Not all of it is perfect though. Don’t expect the refined and polished work of an official developer. Many of the new additions can be hit or miss. I also found during the original release that there were spots with absurd difficulty spikes. The campaign in general became much harder after the introduction of the flood. While I think that make sense, I thought it was a bit too extreme (it felt like I jumped from Heroic to Legendary).

    Also, in my opinion most of the graphics are a downgrade. It does run at 60 fps though.

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