44 thoughts on “Halo Infinite will be shown at E3 on PC, not Xbox – report”

  1. They don’t have the Anaconda specs finalized yet, so I’m sure they’ll do an approximate build of what they have in mind

  2. probably more of a case that the new Xbox isn’t finished yet rather than anything else. Still glad it’s on PC though

  3. Between this, Masterchief collection and WoW classic it’s gonna be a big year for mountain dew and doritos sales.

  4. Can’t read the article without exposing security flaws. Fuck off with your “turn off adblocker” pop up bullshit.

    It’s fine to ask, but having no option to bypass it is a quick way to get me to not give a shit about your website.

  5. probably because the want to show it as if it is their next gen console, but they don’t have it quite finalized yet.

  6. Ok so Microsoft is gonna go all in on PC. I think this is good as they can then give Xbox a Windows Dev environment then have it treated as PC gaming lite. This will allow for easier development, making money from the PC and console audience then getting games that would be normally for PC on Xbox like 4x and it’s games

  7. Good because they have to make it look better than PlanetSide Arena. A game that Microsoft will be showing on the Xbox at E3.

  8. I’m glad they’re focusing on Xbox as a brand/platform going forward. A console is nothing special anymore. It’s not like when super nintendos were built from the ground up for their specific purpose. These things are just x86 PCs in a compact form these days. Take away the proprietary OS and there’s no difference at all. If I already have a good PC then just let me buy the game

  9. Can’t remember which game it was but few e3s ago a game was showcased to be on Xbox while it was running on pc, anyone remember ????

  10. So just like always then. Games are usually shown on PC. Microsoft were caught doing this a few years ago so at this point it’s just a bad secret.

  11. as it should be. Showing an fps on console just looks hilariously bad, the graphics are lower and the gameplay is sluggish and slow

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