27 thoughts on “[happiness noises]”

  1. Could be worse, could be that a ditto transforms into your gal and tries to prank you by sleeping with you in your bed in the dark, and it escalates from there.

  2. Plot twist: this is actually a Ditto that learned how to speak just like Meowth did and is enslaving Pokémon to fight for it.

  3. In before they pull a Sonic and change the character model before it’s released

    (I really hope they don’t I kinda love him rn)

  4. I thought that at first too, it’s visible when they had the camera kinda pan around his face, just at this angle, and with the nose’s size, it blends in with his freckles.

  5. Because they’re too distracted by the fact that you’re the buffest seven-year-old they’ve ever seen.

  6. He has a nose, they are just doing that thing where you can only see it from the side because there’s no outline or shading.

  7. Milo doesn’t have a nose because he’s a grass Pokemon gym leader.

    Which makes him impervious to the rock.

    Milo cannot in fact smell what the rock is cooking.

    Which it turns out is 2x effective against the rock.

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