44 thoughts on “Happy 20th birthday, Sega Dreamcast. You always deserve a better fate”

  1. It really was before it’s time. It had the first ever built-in modem of any gaming system, even at only 23k.

    Edit: I had the 33.6k modem, but was just excited to be online with it!

  2. Trying to remember a Dreamcast game…. it was one of the early released titles I believe, like one of the games it may have come with. 3rd person arcade style shooter, that’s all I remember

  3. I traded in my N64 and 5 games to Toys R Us for 100 Jeffrey dollars toward my purchase of my Dreamcast. Brought home NFL 2K that night and fell in love. Dreamcast was so ahead of its time. PowerStone, Virtua Tennis, and many many more. So many amazing memories.

  4. Better fate? Buying a black Sports Dreamcast model for $50 then buying half the library for another $150, then “sailing the high seas” for all the rest of the catalogue (except all of the tennis games because my wife keeps beating me) is like the best fate ever for a console. I KNOW it should have lasted longer, but I wouldn’t have bought or enjoyed the console idld it didn’t meet an early demise.

  5. Many years ago I ordered my first Dreamcast after Thinkgeek got hold on some old batch. Played with it for a bit, then brought it with me when I was traveling for a bit. Then the bag with the Dreamcast in it got stolen during my first 30 minutes in Barcelona.

    Man do I miss playing Rez 🙁

  6. Sword of the berserk (dreamcast exclusive) is still one of the hardest to beat games for me.
    Toy commander, and Sonic for dreamcast were also awesome. Truely my fav console for non-online play

  7. OMG I miss the dreamcast, I have to purchase aother one one day. Miss Power Stone, Shenmue, Seaman and Soul Calibur and crazy taxi. Even the 2k sports games. Oh cannot forget Phantasy Star

  8. I’m curious how much time I spent playing this system and I didn’t even have all the available games. I think mine still works but I haven’t plugged it in in years.

    Crazy Taxi, finishing the crazy box challenges was maddening but so fun. (ya ya ya ya ya)

    I turned the launch screen of Soul Calibur gold for 100% completion.

    Tony effing Hawk got introduced me to so many bands I’d follow for years (Goldfinger) (also CT above got me super into Bad Religion)

    I remember enjoying Sonic even if it was different from the genesis 2Ds.

    My favorite Resident Evil was Code Veronica.

    I was so pumped for that system and it didn’t disappoint at all. Like everyone else has said, it came out at a weird in between time but it absolutely blew me away with the arcade style graphics. THAT JUST WASN’T POSSIBLE. I was in absolute awe so many times with Dreamcast’s ability. I even had the S video cable to make it that little bit sharper.

  9. They got the fate they deserved.

    They left the best of Saturn catalog on Japan and abandoned it, we always waited for a Sonic game that never came, and most Sega Fans decided not to be let down again by Dreamcast.

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