49 thoughts on “Happy national video games day”

  1. I somehow lost my copy for SNES… One of those things I’ll want to see “where it ended up” in the afterlife statistics screen.

  2. SMRPG is so fantastic, I’m actually doing another playthrough currently. I have no idea how many times I’ve played this game since my childhood, but I know it inside and out at this point.

    Such a classic. Good on you for using it as the picture for this post.

  3. SMRPG is my favorite game of all time. I’m sure a big part of it is nostalgia, but damn… it just makes me happy.

  4. With square and nintendo doing better with each other now, itd be cool to see a remaster, remake, reboot, or sequel.

  5. I will never stop loving this game. Every now and then I pick it up and play it start to finish. One of, if not the best rpg’s I played as a kid.

  6. Fantastic game! I replay it every couple of years. I think it’s time for a new playthrough on the snes classic I bought last year.

  7. For some mind-fucking reason, my ape brain read the whole thing as “Super Mario Big” and I thought it would be a big Yoshi meme with everyone looking goofy as shit.

  8. To this day I still remember the password on the ghost ship because 6 year old me had to look up the definition of “deduced”. Somewhat related a few years ago I was doing one of those escape room things and the final password ended up being the same fucking word and I immediately thought of this game

  9. My second favorite game of all time behind Chrono Trigger. This game is just so fun with a great story. Picked it up again recently and had a blast playing it.

  10. Want a remake of this sooo bad. With mario kart assets/graphics. Maybe mario issolving a mystery before next kart games…

  11. I started replaying it a couple of weeks ago, but im stuck at the part where you have to fight the dragon boss in the volcano and then right after fight the power ranger rip offs, they always wipe me off in like 2 turns

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