I’ve acquired a number of games from the EGS giveaways and so far none of them have required EGS to be running in order to launch the game. Has anyone encountered a non-Epic game that uses EGS DRM? I’m curious if that DRM is somehow tied to the EGS or if they simply offer EAC as their in-house DRM. With all the shortcomings with EGS it was a nice surprise to see that not only can I choose exactly where to install my games, but also that none of them require EGS to be running.

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4 thoughts on “Has Anyone Encountered EGS DRM?”

  1. The only singleplayer game on egs with drm protection is metro exodus. Everything else requires epic launcher only for multiplayer.

  2. Epic Games doesn’t have a DRM. The dev/pubs either have to create their own DRM, in which some have created their own and they made it to require EGS to be running to play the game, like Subnautica does.

  3. Epic Store does **not** have a DRM of its own, unlike Steam, Origin and UPlay, like GOG. Because it’s both a *”Sales Pitch”* to lure customers and also they did **not** invest any money on their Store Development so that even if they want to put DRM, they simply can’t. Note this, Epic Store’s lack of DRM is nowhere near GOG’s `Always DRM Free` policy which ensures games can’t bring their own DRM.

    So far not much of titles Epic Store to *inject* their **own** DRM (Denuvo or other) yet but this doesn’t mean this would also apply to future as well because Epic suggests (since they don’t host one), if Publishers thinks their game should be protected against theft (excluding their free to keep titles as they already were free), they should bring with DRM of their choosing by themselves, keeping Epic out of the equation.

    In short, Epic Store **can’t** host DRM, game *can* have on their own DRM, not comparable to GOG ever.

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