38 thoughts on “Hating on people for liking something doesn’t make you cool”

  1. While I also dont like hating on things just to hate on them I think there are plenty of reasons to hate fortnite outside of the gameplay itself.

  2. I agree that hating on people for liking something is real neckbeardy but the point that the main strategy of epic games is ripping off people is a real problem and I really don’t believe they should be supported 🤔

  3. Lesson here: group think is morally superior to being correct

    Sure I can have friends, but to do that I would have to willingly be stupider than I am.

  4. All I see here is an inflated ego making fun of inflated egos with no sense of the inherent hypocrisy. Yes, I understand this is a somewhat egotistical thing to say in and of itself.

  5. It’s interesting how you somehow compare Fortnite as something different than Minecraft even if it seems to have a similar demographic. Both are mostly played by younger people. And as far as I know Fortnite seems to get the hate because there are so many children playing the game.

  6. Thank you for saying this. Sad to see that most comments are focusing on “but it’s Fortnite” which isn’t the point of the meme since it can apply to literally every game (including whatever their own favorite game is)

  7. Yea, I am not a fan of fortnite but I can see why other people like it and have no problem with other people playing it. Who would think that some people have different tastes?

  8. This only applies to people that have never played the game. There are lots of people saying the same thing because they’ve tried the game and don’t like it.

    (also in reality he’d be in a group of neckbeards nodding in approval)

  9. Yeah, I dont hate or dislike people for the games they enjoy. Like I dont like Battle Royals but one of my friends loves them and I dont bash on him for it. I only bash on the game itself lol

  10. Honestly the Minecraft kids are just an obnoxious, if not more, than the Fortnite ones.
    At least they don’t spam me constantly with their game.

  11. Aye but you’re allowed to have opinions on things that isn’t 100% praise. Did someone hurt your feelings by insulting your favourite game?

  12. I only hate it cus I suck at it, and the kids that play it all the time (like I would have done at their age), build a fucking tower on my face and shoot me in the back of the head before I’ve even put my axe away….

  13. Who cares what other people like? It just makes them different from you. That’s not a crime or even something to be offended over.

  14. I only played Fortnite Battle Royale for two hours.

    I shot a guy a few times, then he started spazzing out and conjuring walls and ramps out of nowhere.

    My bullets were unfortunately not flechette rounds, and he was building faster than I could take his creations down. No, I don’t know where all of those planks were coming from.

    I never quite figured out how to build like that. I couldn’t find the tutorial, and finding all sorts of different weapons just to get decimated by players much better than you (the matchmaking doesn’t seem to account for balance) so I could start over and do it again… I just didn’t like it.

    I am baffled that it’s as popular as it is when it seemed really confusing and difficult to me.

    However! Fortnite and the push for crossplay as a result of its popularity is a good thing. The frequent updates (despite developer crunch, which I don’t approve of) are raising the bar for post release support for others to follow.

    On the flipside, the proliferation of overpriced cosmetics and battle passes and emotes is less than enjoyable. There are stupid clothes and dances in Forza Horizon 4, a racing game, and I am reasonably certain that Fortnite’s popularity is to blame. And though I don’t play games on PC, I can appreciate Steam finally getting some competition in the form of the fortnite funded Epic Games Store… even though moneyhatting exclusives is unsavory and irritating.

    This beast is certainly one to behold, for better or worse.

  15. Is that Notch? Hmm…

    Also, doesn’t this come down to: “You’re not allowed to bash other people’s opinions… because that’d mean you’re expressing your… own… opinion.” Sort of hypocritical, isn’t it?

    If you like fortnite, cool for you. But it’s not going to make other people stop having negative opinions about the game. I personally strongly dislike fortnite *and* minecraft. And not for entirely dissimilar reasons (and not because both are apparently huge with little kids though probably I have different taste than a young kid). But those are my reasons. Don’t have to agree with me, don’t even have to like it. But I’m probably not going to shut up anymore than you are just because someone doesn’t like that my opinion differs from theirs.

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