13 thoughts on “Hellfire Expansion juist added to Diablo on GOG.”

  1. ” **Hellfire expansion is now available as a free add-on for everyone who purchases the Blizzard classic Diablo on GOG.COM.** ”


    Sweet. So does online multiplayer work? Can my friend and I buy it and join an online game together?

  2. I played all 3 Diablos at their release, thousands of hours in each game, and I never actually played Hellfire.

  3. This is excellent news. I am glad GOG exists. In the world were scumbags like Epic Games are dominating the news, GOG quietly continues their mission to bring us DRM free classics.

  4. So what’s the story behind Hellfire getting made? Was it commissioned by one of the publishers of the original Diablo behind Blizzard’s back or something?

  5. Blizzard is trying really hard to look like a good guy and no mention of Diablo Immortal since November lol

  6. I would assume that you could use Joy2Key to do this.

    It works for gamepad support on Diablo III, just reassigning the keyboard commands to your gamepad, though I’m not sure how well that would work for quick slots.

  7. You could install this from the disc on the GOG version, but it wasn’t exactly the smoothest installation, them officially releasing it makes the whole thing much easier and opens it up to people who don’t still have the disc (or ISOs of all their old games) available.

  8. I have no idea how well it would hold up now because I never played it. But I’d love it on Steam if it’s worth playing.

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