33 thoughts on “Here we go! Never played Borderlands before, saw the Handsome Jack Collection for $6!”

  1. You’ll love Borderlands 2 man, Pre-Sequel was alright and had limited dlc due to a lawsuit (i think) but the series has kept me sucked in for nearly a decade, have fun!

  2. Only one of these I wasnt a fan of was the Pre-sequel. Other than that, awesome games with a cool story.

  3. If on Steam, plenty to keep you busy til 3 hits in April.
    If on Epic or get 3 there in September, my condolences.

  4. i was in the same boat as you a few days ago. picked it up for free on ps and its a pretty good game. i tried borderlands 1 a while back and hated it, but 2 is a lot better

  5. I love how BL2 and the PreSequel both go on such deep discount with all of their DLCs but if you ever want to play the first one it’s still $30

  6. Oh boy, you’ve got a great series ahead of you. Borderlands 2 is easily one of my favourite games of all time. Good luck and have fun.

  7. So I normally love these types of games but…
    Iron Sights only? Really? Super shitty.

    Also someone was hanging around the beginner area and just rushed me without me even knowing what was going on, really robbed me of any enjoyment starting out.

    I’m sure they’re excellent games but I hate iron sights that much.

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