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  1. It’s been posted a lot before but the game is “Just Dance” and it’s a very wonderful game/tool for rehab and senior homes. It’s cheaper and more available to have a Wii for these instances.

  2. I believe this might be for Just Dance 2019?
    It was also released for the Xbox360 with Kinect.

    From my understanding is a lot of physical and psychological rehab centres have these older consoles. The ‘Just Dance’ line is really handy for hand-eye co-ordination training and redevelopment of motor neural networks. Also, considering they’re rehab centres, often the budgets for ‘non sanctioned’ methods is usually little or nothing. Therefore, these centres have consoles like Wii and Xbox360 as they’re cheap and plentiful. Hence, it’s a bit of an example of a publisher playing the ‘good guy’.

  3. The Wii is probably my favorite system of all time. Once you put Homebrew on it, you can use the SNES classic or NES classic controllers seamlessly to play every SNES or NES game, you can get an external HDD and have every GameCube and Wii game ever made, and the games are perfect for getting someone into videogames for the first time.

  4. I don’t remember it very well, but in a thread, someone said it is very useful in hospitals, cause it is cheap and the sick kids can have fun (sorry for my English)

  5. I came home today and no lie was robbed… my PS4 is gone and next to that it my wii, untouched… I haven’t used it in years, but I may turn it on tonight to see if I can watch Netflix or something 😢

  6. Just Dance is a great rehab game and a great game for retirement communities/nursing homes and they usually still have a Wii because it makes more financial sense. To me at least I think it’s nice that they keep making these games for the Wii

  7. For those unsure, this is for Just Dance 2020 🙂 It comes out in November. Just Dance has always released on the Wii as a tradition since it was the first console it originally came out on (plus the controllers have great tracking for the game)

    Also fun fact…I’m the girl on the left under the PS4 label! Legit made this account cause my friend was telling me I ended up on reddit. Hallo 🙂

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