I’m mainly concerned of situations when a game forces HDR on for all players, due to a bug or oversight. I don’t know if playing a video can be compared to a real-time application in the context of HDR.

Are color levels reduced? Can you show illustrative pictures?

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8 thoughts on “How does HDR look like on a non-HDR display?”

  1. You can’t “fake” HDR, you must have an HDR display capable of outputting the necessary amount of light and color. When you first see proper HDR on a 1,000 nits display (HDR1000) it’s actually shocking — it cannot be replicated in the slightest on an SDR display.

    On my HDR1000 display and playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for example (mind blowing use of HDR), I have to physically squint when looking at a sunrise/sunset, it’s really beautiful.

  2. From what I’ve seen before when I download “legit” 4k HDR movies, what happens is that everything looks desaturated, so I have to use a program called madvr to tell it to convert the hdr video into sdr so that it doesn’t look all washed out.

  3. There are lot of garbage knowledge and comments about what is HDR and what it looks like. Lot of trash comments here aswell.

    TLDR: If u dont have these JUST FORGET HDR

    -At Least %90 Coverage of DCI-P3

    -%70 of BT 2020 Colorspace

    -minimum peak 1000 brightness. Below is trash for HDR

    -Local Dimming Either FALD or Edge Led

    -Skip OLEDS for HDR due to ABL and sustained brightness

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