25 thoughts on “How I discovered new music as a kid”

  1. Pro Skater 2 had my favourite game soundtrack of all time.

    Aggressive Inline is how I first heard The Vandals.

  2. Omg.. the covers from Aggressive Inline and Dave Mirra just gave me the biggest sense of nostalgia. Loved those games so fucking much!

  3. Dave Mirra was a fucking great game ❤️ amazing sound track, introduced to me to some songs, great for the gym 💪💪

  4. Atv offroad fury was so awesome, I played the shit out of that game with my buddy, I’ll always remember hearing spoonman in that game. Also tony hawk series all the way through underground games is fuckin legendary, so many great memories playing those

  5. Every time I hear “Bones” I immediately think back to 9 year old me playing Atv: Off-road fury

  6. All amazing soundtracks, but Aggressive Inline is the winner for me. Every track is perfect. Honourable mention to Sled Storm

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