26 thoughts on “How I imagine my teammates.”

  1. I don’t know how but tons of people feel normal playing FPS shooters on XBOX and PS so I guess playing with a wheel is also possible lol

  2. Tbh I’ve been there before. Just sitting somewhere and opening the map bc I don’t know the way lol. That why I don’t play teams

  3. Every damn league game. “how the fuck did this idiot disable his minimap? What, its not possible? Oh so hes just a fucking ape then”.

    I love everything about this image.

  4. My friends hate me when I brag about my 11 man killstreak.

    They say I’m the worst fifa player out there.

    Edit: Thank you for the silver, that was kind of you stranger.

  5. This is me in Arma 3. “Where the fuck are you?! I can’t see the team markers!!! Theyre GREEN! The forest… It’s GREEN!!! The map… It’s FUCKING GREEN TOO!!!” Even the steering wheel is accurate.

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