How kinguin cheated me on fifa 19 ultimate edition


I’m really sad today, because kinguin cheated me on my fifa 19 ultimate edition key.
I have really good evidence because I contact origin support and they tell me code I get today from kinguin was used 10th June 2019…

Its a lot worse because I didnt bought “KINGUIN BUYER PROTECTION” and they wont help me… Now they can fell free take my money and left me with “already used code”?

I have really bad day, I just want to warn you and ask
What I can do in this scam situation? Its fair to leave me like this only because I dont have “KINGUIN BUYER PROTECTION”?

Code Bought today 03.11.2019 – Support answer used 10th June 2019


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11 thoughts on “How kinguin cheated me on fifa 19 ultimate edition”

  1. Hi! If you’re lamenting that you were scammed by a gray market seller or asking about whether a seller is legit, please see [this article about key resellers]( If you want a secure purchase, only purchase keys from authorized sites. G2A, Kinguin, CDKeys and others are not authorized and rely on third parties (sometimes with illegal methods) to provide keys. *(If this comment has nothing to do with this thread, please report it so the mods can take me away!)*

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  2. Don’t buy from shitty gray market sites. If you choose to do business with these guys you shouldn’t be surprised when you get screwed.

  3. bought 10+ games from kinguin never was scammazed, but I always had the buyer protection

    if you don’t get the buyer protection you are basically risking 50$ game for a 1$ profit

  4. Anything you dont buy directly from EA they wont even let you keep. I had a few sims expansions from G2A and after a few months EA disabled them on my account

  5. No, Kinguin did not cheat you. The buyer you bought the Key from cheated you. But normally these issues can easily be resoved. Contact the seller, ask for a new Key. If that doesn’t work forced Kinguin to give you your money back. If nothing helps charge back your money.

  6. I bought a bad win 10pro key and they would not refund me so i went to paypal and told them i had been rippedoff and wanted a refund. only then did kinguin give me a new win10 key and sent me a apology email.

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