I was thinking about getting the new COD but i haven’t played one since modern warfare 2. Does the game die when they release a new one next year? I don’t want to Drop $60 if the game tanks soon.

Also i’m worried my pc wont run it well because i have a hard time running Insurgency Sandstorm, i have 2 gtx 660’s and i7 920. Anyone with similar hardware running it ok?

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6 thoughts on “How long does a Call of duty player base last nowadays?”

  1. I’m personally not interested in the new CoD multiplayer. It’s turned into a shotgunning camp fest. The gameplay looks awesome and I’ve heard good things about the story. The graphics and movement was top notch in the beta. I just have 0 desire to play it. I will however purchase the BR mode if they release it. Blackout was a breath of fresh air into CoD and i think it would be spectacular on this engine. (Unless it turns out like BF5 Firestorm which was ass)

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