8 thoughts on “How much does bad vision impact your aim in shooter games?”

  1. Think it depends on the situation if you are used to it then you should be ok.

    I got bells palsy earlier this year and it made me lose vision in one of my eyes for a few weeks and I wasn’t able to play any shooters as my vision was not what I was used to.

  2. Probably only matters when it comes down to the pixel like cs or siege. Usually in cod or something your targets are rather close or visible.

  3. I have astigmatism, nearsightedness, and colorblindness. Without my glasses (300) I need to lean closer to the screen otherwise all I see is blurry shit. Astigmatism doesnt really do anything when I play except for a few bright-ass lights when playing in a dark room.

    My colorblindness sucks for color-tied loot (ex. purple/blue tier) and some non-shooter games’ health bars. For example in fortnite while watching streams, I had no idea if the guns they left or picked up were purple or blue

  4. things far away from me are blurry but since my monitor isnt more than a meter away i think its not affecting my aim at all

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