5 thoughts on “How Remedy and Nvidia teamed up to push PC gaming to its limits with Control”

  1. I never would’ve thought that Control would make it into my game of the year choice, but it did, and oh boy did it fuck me hard

    So hard I had ptsd flashes from my childhood with my uncle


  2. I wasn’t going to buy it because of Epic, but my friend had already bought it, so… I’m going to miss ray-tracing in similar games now. I even got spooked a few times, and there are some moments when you have to look through glass, and seeing the room on top of what’s behind the glass is amazing.

  3. This game is next level shit, I’ve finished the main story but I still have some of the side quests. The fights get absolutely crazy – probably the best shooter since Doom 2016

  4. Hearing about this game makes me moderately annoyed the SCP universe hasn’t been more utilised in games.

    Yeah I know this isn’t technically the SCP universe, but it’s the same idea.

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