There’s a lot of misunderstandings about this topic so I’d like to explain it in more detail and easily to explain for people who don’t understand all the technical work.
So what makes up a console/computer for gaming is the gpu and cpu. The gpu manages pixels, polygons, and basically how beautiful the game is. A simpler term is graphics and resolution, the gpu is the artist. The cpu manages everything that makes up the gpu. Stuff like physics, frame rate, and AI. The cpu is the mathematician.
AI in video games aren’t intelligent because intelligence by definition is the ability to learn and at least in video games no AI can learn. In real life some can learn but not to the degree of humans and animals. When we mention how smart an AI is we basically mean how many if this then that the AI can handle. Bad AI for example is you being able to spam the same move over and over again without the developers implementing some sort of counter or an AI getting stuck on a table because the developers didn’t think or were to lazy to have them cross over it etc….
Making a AI smarter is basically giving it more rules to follow. The more if this than that or if this than this and that and this the smarter your AI feels to the player. The key here is to make the AI immersive and feel like they can actually think for themselves. Many games accomplish this but certain ones like fallout 76 don’t.
If you have a weak CPU and build a game off of it you will be limited in how much if this than this you can add because the machine cannot handle that much detail especially if you want extra space for better physics and frame rates.
I’d like to add that good AI doesn’t mean unpredictable and AI that can easily kill you. If an AI is unpredictable and performs actions like snipe you across the map with what looks like a linear line of focus like they are some GOD. Then that is bad AI. However if the AI is programmed to be dumb in the first place… like grunts from halo then the AI is well smart or at least isn’t dumb and gets the job done for what the developers wanted to do. Bad AI is usually what the developers didn’t want to show and when they bug and do stupid things like get stuck on a wall which we all have had happened to us at one point in a game.

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6 thoughts on “How video game AI works.”

  1. Thank you for the information. I never knew how games worked but i’ve heard of AI and never really knew what it was and now i do thanks!

  2. Is computer chess AI or is it simply data-basing move combinations to add to the rules list, like a programmers judo?

    What distinguishes the crossover from programmed behaviour to genuine AI, because AI no doubt builds a list of rules too?

  3. I just want to clear something up also. AI in games isnt actually AI. It’s not even machine learning. Its clever programming. I work on machine learning myself, it’s just a calculator that finds patterns in seemingly random numbers. You have to train it to find the patterns your working with. It took me 8 days of training and a 6gb dataset just to make a simple chatbot that talks rubbish when you speak to it. There are some chess games that use AI and probably a few regression trees for speech maybe but it’s just too difficult and time consuming for mainstream games.

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