26 thoughts on “I am looking at you anthem”

  1. This picture pretty much sums up all of our emotions and hopefully reminds people as well to not get scammed by bullshit fake trailers.

  2. More like “see all the trailers and hear all the announcements for games that won’t come out for another 10 years but they felt the need to talk about now.”Looking at you Square Enix.

  3. Why is Gunther the spokesman against this? Gunther is a pretty chaotic evil character, if anything. I did not consent to this!

  4. There should be a law that all developers/publishers have to release an up-to-date gameplay trailer two weeks before release. I am so tired of the game not being anything like what was advertised. Bait and switch bullshit like that needs to be regulated even harder.

  5. > *trailer begins*

    “**Actual In-game footage**” flashes across the screen.

    > *Proceeds to show a scripted in game cutscene with perfect aim, player character moving with a walking speed that won’t be possible in the real game, scripted events happening all around the player, shoot a few bullets and swap a few weapons.*
    *NPC characters appear, they use textured skins that will have their resolution downgraded after E3; as a presenter, with a dead-inside-smile that hasn’t played a game in the last 10 years, who never blinks, stares at the crowd while the trailer plays behind them.*

    The paid members of the crowd will cheer and clap.

    People buy the game, complain it wasn’t what they promised.

    Repeat next year.

  6. I personally love E3 because as someone still in high school I have “friends” who I dont talk to much outside of science class and once E3 kicks off we all begin chatting, voicing opinions and just acting like good friends. Its awesome

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