42 thoughts on “I can proudly say that I killed a developer of Dino D-day in his own game”

  1. I like that it’s the only achievement you have too… like you just picked it up on day and killed a dev with zero experience. He probably killed himself after that.

  2. The achievement is confirmed to be “viral” which means you only have to kill another player that has that achievement to get it.

    Sorry but that doesn’t mean you killed a developer, but who knows!

  3. Yeah but that game is hot horse shit, so do you REALLY want to stick to saying you “proudly” did anything in that game?

  4. I beat a developer of rocket league in a match. Half way through the match I seen their tag and realised it and started to go super try hard and be polite about it to get them to group with me. Didnt happen though haha.

  5. Reminds me of the whole infected tag you got in black ops by knifing a dev or getting knifed by someone else who has the tag

  6. I got an achievement like this for killing a dev on GTA 4 online. Probably the most hype I’ve ever been over an achievement.

  7. Same sort of achievement used to be on Shadowrun, kill a developer but if you killed someone who had that achievement you got that achievement too.

    Damn anyone remember that game?

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