Hey there. At the moment I’m lying in my bad and have some time before I usually sleep. My switch is lying next to me, with a full box of cards and some pretty cool games on the SD card.

Like 50% or even more of the games I did not finish. To be honest, if I’d turn it on, I’d probably take a look at the store to buy another game I’ll not play like I’d expect.

I also own a PS4 pro with a lot worse ratio of unfinished business. I did not touch it for like 10 months now or so.

There is also a Xbox one s and yes, also a X.
The library is huge. The ratio is better if I don’t consider the gold and gamepass stuff. I really like the console.
But I didn’t play much recently. Got out of touch after like 70% of metro Exodus… After that I had some sessions not longer than 1 hour.

I did play league of legends today (2 games) which I consider as the game I play most at the moment after several years break in favour of wow which I quit some time ago.

I don’t talk about my steam library.

Also I was sick at home for the last two days. Playtime was like 2hrs. Apparently I prefer surfing the web and visiting pointless sites and check for stupid updates on nonsense. Sorry Reddit, I didn’t mean it.

So what is wrong? Why is it so hard to find motivation to play? I mean I’d like to have fun but somehow it’s difficult to start somewhere and to enjoy.

I used to play with other people a lot. Our time windows don’t align very well mostly and many quit or wherever. I’m not even motivated to make appointments. Also I’m afraid of an appointment that ends up in a session I don’t enjoy.

I don’t know. What’s wrong? Can somebody relate? How do I get out of that? I just want to have fun playing videogames again…

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11 thoughts on “I don’t want to play…”

  1. Why do you want to *want* to do something you don’t actually want to do?

    Sometimes you get burnt out. Use this time to pick up another hobby. Read a book. You’ll either come back to gaming or you won’t. Don’t force it.

  2. You need to find a mindless game that doesn’t necessarily have to have a story or grind to it. My go to is Rocket League. I just play it cuz it’s fun. I’m not having to progress for the sake of beating it. Once you do that for a while a grinding campaign may be what you want to see yourself back in. Or just take a break altogether. But yeah def stop spending money on games when you have plenty to play.

  3. Sometimes you’re not in the mood. Do something else instead. Video games don’t have to be the only thing in your life.

  4. “Not finding motivation” sounds like depression dude, find someone to talk to about, a good start would be your doctor. Back in high school when I had it bad I almost stopped wrestling and playing football because I couldn’t find the motivation. If you’re too afraid to tell anyone start small. Do things even if it’s something simple or done half assed

  5. This is normal and can be “fixed”. Sleep better, try to relax after work, don’t push yourself towards gaming against your will. The second part is the size of your gaming library. The bigger it gets the harder to choose what to play. Wait until you feel the urge to play a certain game and dive in.
    Alternatively try to pick a game and just beat it, not touching any other title until the credits.

  6. Wait a week or two, there’s a chance you will want to pick up gaming again after a break. Also; focus on only one or two games at once, in my experience, it’s much harder to get the proper immersion out of the games when you’re playing seven at the time. Also, ofc it helps to find a gaming buddy, though not easy.

    All in all, rooting for you, burnout is a shitty thing and it looks like gaming is really important for you, I’d love to help out, but I’m not an expert or anything.

    PS: And please remember to check your sleep, eating and other hobbies from time to time, this could also be a sign of depression.

  7. Hm, I’m 22 (soon 23) I noticed that as soon as I landed my 1st full time, and friends started getting there own jobs, our gaming window dwindled a little, and my incentive to play went down a bit with it.


    So, from my experience, even now; I still play games. Maybe not at the rate it used to be, but we still find time to have fun and kill a few hrs. I don’t think there’s anything” wrong”, it’s just part of life. Does it have to be? Depends on you imo.


    Even though my buddies times aren’t the same as mine, I’m slowly meeting new people to relate with and find myself trying new games, and having fun. Could be need of new motivation, or new outlook on gaming/life? Try new things, take risks? Or even expanding of friend circle.

    Might even just be growing out of it, not sure. Regardless, do what makes you happy, or find a reason to be happy.

    Up to you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  8. I can 100% relate to this. In fact I’d say I’m in the same rut myself at the moment, just can’t be jacked to play anything. It’s not the first time it’s happened and it won’t be the last, especially now I’m no whippersnapper anymore.

    I don’t worry about it, I’ve just been finding films to watch and tv series that I didn’t get round to seeing. Eventually something will pop up that gets its hooks in me again and then I’ll be back at it playing like a beast.

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