26 thoughts on “I drew a slightly more realistic Bowser…. I’m not sorry.”

  1. Why the hell would you be sorry? Nintendo should be sorry for every conceiving a pair of plumbers who’s gloves are always the purest white. Seriously it looks like the pair never touched a pipe or toilet in their lives, considering we’ve all witnessed them go down grimey pipes countless times ourselves over the years. And who is installing these random culverts threwout the mushroom kingdom, and what engineer in the mushroom kingdom thought man sized pipes were the answer for plumbing? The psi you’ll need to generate a pump station to move shit threw those tubes would be immense, and wheres any electricity in the mushroom kingdom for these pump stations to move 200 lbs of plumber threw them? Nor have we ever seen a factory that generates such iron circumferences in the first place from what I recall.

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