12 thoughts on “I feel called out by this Borderlands meme”

  1. I didn’t really start doing things until my 40s.

    Started feeling confident, getting motivated, started running, lifting weights, learning new things, treating others in my life better, learning to love myself, and being able to enjoy life. It’s been great, having the best time of my entire life honestly. Maybe it was fear of my mortality, maybe tired of doing nothing and being unmotivated, idk. Things changed.

    Some people start slow, but don’t give up on yourself.

  2. Played this back in my x360 days

    Now that I’m a Sony guy, I’m looking forward to revisiting these games when they go free on PS Plus for June

  3. Do he actualy smash things and fight? If he doesn’t just stand there watching the world slowly go by him all day long, then he’s not unmotivated enough.

  4. The sniper you get from the bandit arena that yells “you don’t call your parents as often as you should!” And “you indirectly kill hundreds of people every day by not donating to charity” made me feel so bad but was so funny

  5. Maybe I’m missing something about the series, but what makes it so special to people? The writing is horrible, characters are one note and bland, and all the guns feel the same with no diffference between them besides a slightly higher dps output. Can someone please explain to me why it’s looked at so fondly, because I seem to be missing something.

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