49 thoughts on “I feel lied to”

  1. Maybe their saying it’s good quality to fuel a fire.. or if you have an uneven table maybe you could set a stack of them under the legs.. now that’s what I call quality!

  2. I mean you didn’t buy it yet i think since the background looks like a store, so it’s still a win in my books.

  3. You know when you take a massive shit? And you look back and you’re a little bit proud of the brown behemoth…….. But its still shit, maybe that’s the quality they mean.

  4. My local 2nd Hand DVD Bluray shop gives free copy of Fallout 76 to every single purchase you make.

    I bought mad max 1 and 2 for 7€ and get F76 for ps4 absolutely free.

    Best deal ever.

  5. Yeah you have…….. like on Maury povich, been trusting this woman and taking care of her kid for 4 years ( fallout 1-2-3 new vegas and 4) and realize you are NOT THE FATHER!

  6. Dear me. My kid bought this game on my xbox. I discovered it a week later. Microsoft wouldn’t refund it. So now it’s sitting in my list… taunting me. I’ll never play it, but it’s there. At least it was on sale when the kid bought it.

  7. i like how in the target black friday ad theyre trying to sell this hot garbage for $30 like its actually a deal lol

  8. Apparently Australia’s Consumer Protection Bureau would beg to differ. They are FORCING Zenimax / Bethesda to refund displeased consumers.

  9. Omg, get over it. I know it’s easy karma, but if we all stopped the hate circle jerk, the game would be forgotten by now.

  10. I would just love to see the votes if this was posted to the FO76 subreddit… amazed at the how many fanboys this game still has.

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