So, my girlfriend has never really had any interest in video games, and I (M21) am the complete opposite. It’s never bothered me that she doesn’t share the interest, but I’ve still always tried having her try out games with me but never having any success. But today, I finally found one, and it wasn’t even intentional. I was just scrolling through the Steam summer sale and came upon Planet Coaster, and watched a couple videos. It somehow caught her eye when she was across the room and said that it looked fun. I asked if she would wanna try it and she just kinda shrugged. So I said screw it and bought the game. Well, she’s been playing it for the past 3 hours, and won’t let me back on my PC, so I guess it’s safe to say I finally found a game for her!

Tl;dr: Girlfriend doesn’t enjoy video games, but is loving Planet Coaster!

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