45 thoughts on “I found an Atari 2600 in my grandma’s garage! Should I fix it?”

  1. That is at LEAST worth cleaning up for decoration and gamer cred alone. If it never runs again, it will make you a hit at parties.

  2. It wasn’t a 2600, but I still have my original Atari (5200 or 5600) with a bunch of games, tape deck (used for cassette tape based programs), extremely large floppy disk drive, and joysticks. Maybe one day I’ll hook it all back up and see if I can play Star Raiders again.

  3. The voltage regulator is the component most likely to have failed on this. I have a box full if you need one. . . There are a ton of videos that show how to test and replace this part.

  4. If you’re anything like me you’d play it for 3 minutes, realize how horrible the graphics are, get bored put it up and never touch it again.

  5. it just looks like its covered in dusty shit, unless the garage flooded at some point it should work fine

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