35 thoughts on “I found the map I drew for Metroid 1 (NES) at my mother’s house !”

  1. get it linen mounted and preserved and they can take the creases out as well. I’d then have that bad boy framed. It’s beautiful.

  2. Holy shit dude! That’s awesome. Laminate that shit and hang it on your wall.

    I can’t overstate how much I love this

  3. As a kid, life got better when I discovered you could tape multiple pieces of paper together and make “super drawings.” Used to make giant war battle scenes with my buds. 2nd grade was lit.

  4. Awesome. You’re awesome. Metroid is awesome. Super Metroid is awesome. Dark Souls is awesome. Super Metroid + Dark Souls = Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight is awesome. (especially the maps) Maps are awesome.

  5. That’s really good. It didn’t look drawn at first, but then I took a closer look.

    And here I am struggling to draw stick figures

  6. Damn, that’s quite detailed. We just used graph paper and used basic colors to represent different things, and tried to limit the size to a single sheet per game. Kept that method going for quite a while until I started buying premium guides at FuncoLand.

  7. my grandmother showed me metroid for nes when i was 6, she was also the first person i ever saw beat that game and give me the password justin bailey

  8. I absolutely love this! I did the same, though nowhere as neat as yours. I remember borrowing the game from a friend for a weekend, then saving all my lawn mowing money so I could buy it. Such a great game.

  9. Now THAT’S dedication.

    I had a strategy guide, which is the only reason I was able to make it to Mother Brain.

    There’s a reason that Super Metroid is a straight-up classic and the original is not. Playing Metroidvania without an in-game map is HAAAAARD, which is why you have to make stuff like this.

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