38 thoughts on “I just found this little Sylveon in my backyard thought it will be good idea to draw him. Hope You will like it!”

  1. Amazing! I really like the eyes and the fur really well done, itโ€™s incredible how talented you people are.

  2. Some info:

    -Its mine 3rd drawing of Eevee evolution.

    -Colored pencils: Caran’ d ache Luminance, Prismacolor Premier

    -Paper: Strathmore Smooth bristol


    -Time: Around 12h.

    -Eyes are scary…

    More drawings on IG: Blondynkitezgraja

  3. This is the most precious depiction of Sylveon I’ve ever seen, and the closest to how I’d visualize a real life Eevee creature.

  4. Well reposts of your work by people that are not you get 10k upvotes , So I bet you get at least 777 likes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This is a great example of “realistic” Pokemon. So many attempts to draw realistic pokemon just come out looking creepy but this! This is how you do realism with pokemon!

  6. Sorry I checked out your Patronite but I don’t read a lick of Polish, is there any way I can purchase a print of this? Maybe even the original?

  7. So you’re that Russian name in the bottom left corner? Did you change your Reddit name from that?

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