27 thoughts on “I like woodburning. I also like Zelda”

  1. I love wood burning and Zealda!

    That is why I fry bacon in the nude, and play my favorite Nintendo game.

  2. That’s very impressive. good image of the princess. You should Do one of Zelda himself too as the main character is more iconic

  3. Amazing! I tried wood burning the other day and its so difficult, failed miserably even just doing a heart.

    You are very talented and I love Zelda, good job!

  4. If this is for sale, dm me. Very interested. Majora’s mask is my all time favorite game. If not for sale, amazing work anyways!!!

  5. Is no one else going to comment on how horrifying this situation would be??

    Beautifully done, by the way. Is it your own composition? If so, do you sketch it somewhere first then copy or…?

  6. Is the art yours or did you get it from the Internet? Cuz id really like to have it as my background in my phone! Awesome work btw

  7. That’s beautiful work. I really enjoyed Majora’s mask but it’s been some time since I’ve played that game and I don’t remember Zelda in it. Am I forgetting?

  8. My love for Zelda and your incredible talent outweighs my disdain I have for Majoras Mask. Well done!!

  9. This will likely get buried but… i recently picked up woodburning! what equipment/tips did you use for this? How evenly you got the large darkened areas is amazing!!

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