28 thoughts on “I made a jungle base in Minecraft.”

  1. I’m doing the same thing! I had an idea of a central hub with a glass dome surrounding it to make it super cozy during rain. Definitely have given me some inspiration though

  2. I’ve always wanted to make something like this in the jungle biome but could never properly do it. This is super dope.

  3. Nice. Question: how do you predict which leaves decay and which don’t? Do you use shears and replace them or do you understand the mechanics really well?

  4. do you mind if i slightly copy this ? , i love making treehouses and wrapping them around trees with platforms and stuff , and i plan on making a big one on my new survival world , but i generally just stack chests near the trees and just not have much of a plan for how to make it look this good

  5. This is pretty cool but, if you want more internet points, make it span an even greater area. Just be sure to keep blending it in with nature like you’ve been doing.

  6. To all you Star Wars fans out there, This Boi is one with the Ewoks. (please don’t discriminate against me if i misspelled it I’ve just gotten into the series. Ok?)

  7. I remember I used to have something similar. Until one day when I left some people on my world while I went to do some homework (this was back on Xbox) and found it to have been completely griefed by the time I came back. I never found out who did it.

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