35 thoughts on “I made Outbreak Perfected from Destiny!”

  1. Could you build me one I could fit my AR into and handle the bumps and bruises involved with a firearm. I’m sure people would pay top dollar for something like this.

  2. Now we need a frame we can overlay onto a ar-15 could you imagine showing up to shooting range with that.

  3. I miss playing destiny, I moved and my current house has the worlds worst internet. I wish there was some kind of offline mode.

  4. That is so cool! Why does this not have more upvotes? or Gold? Sorry I am too poor for gilding people but holy shit that is cool asf.

  5. So how much does it cost to make this? Also on the other side of this, how much would it cost me for you to make this for me?

  6. On a tangential note: I was so hard core Destiny One, like 1000 hours, all achievements, weapons, armor hard core. I loved it so much. Bought D2, and finished the first release bit, but just lost interest. Is it worth maybe starting again and buying the expansions?*

    *I’d have to start from scratch because I switched from Xbox to ps4

  7. Lasrig do you mind sharing the files you used to print this beauty? Printing destiny models myself and this is my next project :).

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