Edit: apparently people use this post to hate on the epic store. I understand that but I did not mean to do that with this post, I wanted to focus on the giveaway aspect: the game you love and you want to get shared with other or the game that is still on your wishlist but you haven’t bought and therefore hope to get trough a giveaway !

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16 thoughts on “I mean the epic store is hated, but the giveaways have been pretty neat (like the humble store in the past). What game do you hope will get a giveaway on the epic store (or humble store or any other for that matter) in the future? Because it such a a good game and optionally also on your wishlist”

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  2. None, I am tired of this egs bullshit. I just want to buy the games I want on the platform of my own choosing.

  3. Enter the gungeon is drm free btw. Go into program files>epicgames>enterthegungeon and use that exe instead of the shortcut given by egs.

  4. *My Time at Portia* or *John Wick Hex*, for realistic choices.

    *Anno 1800* or *Darksiders 3*, for whimsy.

  5. Free games aren’t really making anyone happy. They should try giving away free 2080ti’s to everyone and seeing if that works.

  6. re your edit, bear in mind that most people will assume this is some kind of trash tier astroturfing.

  7. Being honest If they give away The Division 2 or the latest Metro before this Year ends i will take it as an olive branch from them.

    Not that i will stop considering their store subpar to say the least, but i personally would tone down the heat, give them some slack for a couple of months to see if they get better. Now notice i would be playing either of those with their store so i would know if they actually care about getting better or not.

  8. People are such drama queens. Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying my free games while never actually buying anything on the store.

  9. This sub is toxic with Epic being the drama of the month, so you should expect this post to be downvoted into oblivion.

    I however don’t care about drama, and I love gaming, so I have been enjoying all the Epic store has to offer, taken advantage of their freebies and excellent sales. Yesterday I picked up Enter the Gungeon for free and Metro Last Light Redux for three quid. You tell me how that doesn’t benefit gamers.

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