29 thoughts on “I met the Diablo cosplayer in person! His Instagram is uncrowned_kin9!”

  1. But does he have a phone?

    All jokes aside, that is SERIOUSLY epic. Mad respect for that level of skill and dedication.

  2. I hope this costume isn’t as heavy as the burden that immortal put on the franchise.

    But seriously that is amazing, even with light effects.

  3. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a cosplayer. It’s Diablo himself and he’s just wandering around letting people take photos with him for some reason.

  4. I never understood the character model. When I first say it I was like, “Really?”

    It never seemed even remotely scary to me and in fact just seems odd, like they kept bolting on parts to make it more intricate.

  5. Looks like he doesn’t really want to touch you. Did you forget deodorant? I mean, when a demon from another universe is afraid to get your cooties…

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