7 thoughts on “I miss this game. My intro to mass multiplayer.”

  1. My dude, yes

    somehow they had huge maps and 256 people (on that one mode) playing in one map

    some great memories

    miss this shit out of MAG

  2. I loved and hated the game. Loved playing hated dying which I did a lot of. Not the games fault but it was certainly not my skill… It was my skill!

  3. I remember playing this one day on a 64 player map. My team had just taken both points in there respective 16 vs 16 areas and was moving on to the final 32 vs 32 area. We got there and the entrance point was covered by some snipers (no idea how many). One of the guys on my squad started to complain about how campers ruin the game and was just going on and on when the Platoon leader broke into our chat. What followed was nothing short of hilarious as he told the complainer that he “was god damn right they are camping and by camping they were doing a fine job of defending the point”. He later went on to tell the guy “if you are ever on my platoon for defense and I tell you to camp a spot, you will set up a campfire, break out some marshmallows, and sing Kumbaya. If you don’t like it go back to Call of Duty!” He then told us to group up with another team to launch a coordinated grenade attack on the entrance followed by a rush. We took the point after that.

  4. All I ever did in this game was spawn and immediately die over and over and over again. I wanted to like it but I didnt even get to play it honestly

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