So I got a PS4 last Christmas and have a good collection of games but due to my family moving out to a whole new part of the country and still house-hunting, we travel a lot and I never have time to play but my birthday is coming up and I should get some decent birthday money and with the new Switch Lite coming out, handhelds have caught my attention. I’m still in school and don’t have a job so the only time of the year I get money is my birthday and Christmas so I have to make a decision. I could use my birthday money to get a Lite or wait till Christmas and use all my money this year to get a regular Switch. See I want a portable console but I am a geek for performance ( even though I like consoles ) but I don’t have much spending room and I also really want to be able to hook something up to a TV or monitor yet I am really looking for a time killer in the car or on flights. Thank you for taking the time to read this and you will be a huge help.

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6 thoughts on “I need your help deciding on Switches”

  1. Looks like you want the regular switch but don’t have the money for it now. How badly do you want to get it earlier? If sacrificing TV hookup + performance to get it sooner is worth it, then the Switch Lite is for you. Otherwise, I’d wait til Christmas. It’s only 3 months and 22 days away now.

  2. Regular. A ‘new’ switch with better battery life is going to be released later this year so your timing couldn’t be better.

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