Okay folks, I know this is not really game related but there might be some people who can help me with this.
So here is my issue. 2 days ago I treid to install program called Creo parametric because I need it for school. And for instalation It requires me to open CMD. And then the problem occured…. the CMD started and closed in the same second. The window just flashed in the top left corner. I treid to find a solution on google, and when I thought i found the solution it got even worse. I tried to open my settings and the same thing happend. The only difference is that they don’t close imediatley but the blue window witha gear inside is on the screedn for about 5 seconds. Setting and CMD don’t open and I cant do anything about it because my computer knowledge ended there.
Please, if anybody can help I would be really thankfull. And sorry for any typos in the text.

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