I played it the summer before I went to college and stopped right before the final boss of the 6th palace. Two years later I want to finish or restart it but can’t decide which. What is your recommendation? Are there any similar games I should try starting instead?

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3 thoughts on “I never beat Persona 5”

  1. Wait for Royal. Its gonna have winter holidays and some new characters. If you dont wanna buy royal then it depends on ur free time. The game is about 100 hours. If you have the time then go for it

  2. I’m upset with myself because I did the same the where I stopped right before the end. I want to keep playing because I love the game but after watching the animated series, I’m lacking motivation.

  3. Restart it obviously. Don’t wait for the new one and don’t start from your save, just restart from the beginning and enjoy

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