42 thoughts on ““I prefer realistic racing games because they’re more challenging.””

  1. This map was designed so that all you have to do is hold W and you get to the end. Making this one of the easiest but cool looking custom maps of any racing game, realistic or not…

  2. For anyone that doesnt know these kinds of maps all you do is hit W to go forward and the map does the rest. The map MAKING is whats impressive not the ”driving”

  3. I’ve seen this a million times but is the player even doing any inputs other than holding the accelerator down?

  4. > Implying that arcade racing games are more difficult than sim racing games

    /r/simracing wants to know your location.

  5. I don’t even need someone to tell me this is trackmania. I used to play the ever loving fuck out of TMUF. What an insanely fun game.

  6. I read the comments. I know the gig, and you’ve been exposed. I won’t be like the other 9k suckers… take your downvote and weep.

  7. This was a challenging map to make, but 0 challenge to play (you literally just press on the gas and never turn). The track was made through trial and error, most likely; making one next piece after seeing where the car will be the next time around.

    In other words, this isn’t a good example of showcasing a challenge.

  8. 1. This is a really old clip.

    2. It’s not even the whole thing.

    3. It’s a custom map designed for you to just hit the go button and enjoy the ride.

    4. No one’s ever said that.

  9. FYI: Game is Trackmania
    Thing is that this map is a “Press Forward” map where all the driver is doing is pressing W and waiting

  10. I love realism in racing games, but i hate realistic racing games.

    Like i dont want to be doing flips all the time, but i dont want to check my tire pressure.

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