47 thoughts on “I remember being blown away by the mechanics of this game. I really felt like Spidey!”

  1. I never had the memory storage to save. so Everytime I played, I played all day up to the Carnage level but never got to beat it.

  2. I had this game for the ps1. Oh the time spent and the imagination that sparked from this game. I love how they paid tribute to this game in the latest spiderman game.

  3. I loved the hell out of the costumes and the comics details they gave all with stan lees voice as well glad he is in a better place now.

  4. Maybe it is just me grasping but there is a part when scorpion poisons you and you have to race to a destination and gas coming from the ground keeps getting higher and higher so you can’t get to low. Just like in the old school game.

  5. Yeah, I didn’t know I was playing the demo version for a long time. It was up till scorpions attack, I did it for a few years. Then somebody introduced me to cheats and all levels were accessible. And the game suddenly became a lot more.

  6. I refuse to believe this is how the graphics looked, the way I remember it it looks like the PS4 version somehow, what the fuck.

  7. The sandman level always scared the crap out of me, idk why. And what’s up with all the funky powerups that only show up once in the game, at doc croc’s lab? I don’t even remember his name.

  8. Vefore that there was the Sega Meda Drive one, the possibility to grab and swing on every surface seemed incredible at that time, that was the first time in the 16 bit era.

  9. This looks like the gameplay from a Chinese bootleg Spiderman app that used the PS4 Spidey game footage as an ad for it.

  10. Octocarnge was the first time in gaming I was full on sweating and panicing to run and swing faster and faster away from the enemy. Frightening

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