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  1. I actually did this a couple days ago on Apex Legends. I was paired up with a person who recently started that day. I have been playing it a while. I’m still trash at it but I enjoy playing it for kicks. The guy was low on health and didn’t have anything since he was new. I offered a heath kit to him, feeling proud afterwards XD

  2. The players in squad are very helpful if you make your self known as a new player. It’s vital to be helpful to new players in order to maintain a player base.

  3. Those people aren’t born cool, they are usually forged in the fires of hell and want others to have a better experience than they did.

  4. True. Before my WoW days, I logged on to Star Wars Galaxies on a friend’s account with a new character to try my first MMO. Within 2 hours, I had tens of thousands of credits and a small house from a person that took me under their wing and helped me. The best thing about it? They were French and couldn’t even speak English so we couldn’t communicate. Their name was “Chkrys”. This was over fifteen years ago and I still remember it.

    To this day, paying it forward is something I still do in games, especially MMO’s.

  5. I recently got back into Old School RuneScape and the amount of helpful people is super cool. Just the other day I was fishing and the damn dark mage kept spawning in the area and attacking the new players. Without fail every time one of them spawned, a higher level player would stop what they were doing to cut them down real quick.

  6. I once took part of an R6 match where we had a newbie. We spent that entire game teaching that newbie the ropes and how to adapt in combat when the environment changes over time

  7. I met a cool person like that, it was many years ago on a creative Minecraft server, I didn’t know how to use world edit, I asked in chat and he immediately answered and then spent the next hour helping me with all the basics

  8. Big thanks to the folks online in Monster Hunter and Earth Defense Force, some of you are saints of the gaming world. Really cool when you see someone just helping folks without expecting anything in return.

  9. Shout out to all the cool people who helped me get into Monster Hunter. One of the best communities I met whenever I first started some 2000 hours ago.

  10. I just started playing DC Universe online (just came out on Nintendo Switch)

    I was being helped by a pro. I suck. They really are born cool.

  11. I don’t get why you’d flame a new player, everyone’s got to learn somehow. It’ll be quicker and less painful if you just help them.

    Same with stuff in life e.g the gym, don’t laugh at someone for doing something wrong, show them how to do it properly.

  12. World of Warcraft, a week after release. Back in the day we didn’t need no fancy quest markers and the quest giver would just tell you to find the fancy lion “around here somewhere”. So “Where is Echeyakee?” became a meme in the chat of The Barrens region.

    And since you were stuck in this big ass zone for quite some time you could literally see players insulting newcomers for this questions even though THEY got it answered by me three days earlier. Like some ppl forget that something isn’t easy/completely clear the moment they manage to do it for the first time.

  13. I once traded a sand hawk in bl2 with a random dude online who said that he didn’t have any good guns. He would give me some other guns in return for the sandhawk. However the game crashed. So the dude asked me if I still wanted to trade. I told him that he could keep the sandhawk and the guns he wanted to trade. In return he invited me to a private session and told me not to look his way. When he left, he dropped about 300 guns. He said that it was a thank you gesture. That was a good day.

  14. They’re usually the people who were spammed to hell by ‘pros’ whenever they were newbies, and would just like to see other noobs have a more pleasant, enjoyable time.

  15. I can’t even begin to say how many people I sherpa’d through Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, King’s Fall and especially wrath of the machine. I ran that raid 20 times in the first day.

  16. I was trying out fortnite for the fun of it sometime back. This player who found me just aimlessly cutting a tree down didn’t shoot me. Instead, gave me a gun and did that fortnite dance and went on his merry way. Whoever that was, thank you stranger! It made my day.

  17. Did my first raid on Destiny because I met some people who were willing to bring my shy ass in. Great guys, still talk to them to this day.

  18. I just got Fallout 76 and there was some guy I passed who was like level 156 and he just stared at me as I crouch-walked past him holding a machete

  19. When I started playing six siege people told me to kill myself, uninstall the game or maybe the first time I played counter strike and I didn’t know which button for diffuse

  20. Not Apex tho…Solo mode hasn’t even released but I’ve been abandoned so many times already…

    *I am all alone friends*

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