Recently purchased the game and right off the bat,the custom difficulty is the greatest part about it so far. Tweaking the difficulty such as the AI aggression, gunplay, mechanics hud elements etc is great. Sometimes games don’t have the option to turn off certain hud mechanics unless at an extremely high difficulty. I love how I can have the realistic mechanics and no hud while still having an AI difficulty of my choice.

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12 thoughts on “I think more games should have custom difficulty settings like Sniper Elite 4”

  1. I played Sniper Elite 4 about a year ago but didn’t finish it, did 5 out of the 8 missions before getting busy with the new games, but it was a great experience nevertheless. The missions were very immersive and each one sucked me in for 2-3 continuous hours.

  2. One of the few companies still making really good WWII games. I’m excited to see Sniper Elite VR and anything else they have to offer. Co-op is always stellar as well.

  3. Dishonored 2 had very customizable difficulty settings patched in later on. Makes missions way more replayable.

  4. I think shadow of the tomb raider has a custom difficulty too, where can adjust the puzzle and gameplay difficulty.

  5. No, games should be played the way the developers designed them. How dare you give gamers (consumers) a choice. Also, if the community asks for difficulty settings, don’t even bother to give some sort of answer or something. /s

  6. I think the main reason most developers aren’t doing this is because it’s easy for players to ruin the game for themselves and then complain they don’t like it. When we were considering it for our roguelite game, it was a heavy discussion, but ultimately we decided we want to take the risk and give players the freedom to tweak the settings, even if it’d make the game possible to complete in one hour. And it turned out to be a good decision – we had one player do this, he beat the game in one hour, but still gave the game 8/10 – because he had a good time playing it, and in the review he stressed out that the short playtime was because of his decision.

  7. I don’t like difficulty settings. I think most games quality suffer if you play them on something other than the difficulty setting they were developed on. (Which doesn’t mean you allways know which one that is)

  8. One of the very few things Thief 4 got right. Difficulty modes where different settings have a point value associated with them where X points meets Y difficulty level. I think it adds replayability and improves access.

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