29 thoughts on “I think you’ll appreciate my sons room.”

  1. This is amazing. If I had this room wall when I was younger and couldn’t fall asleep because nightmares, this would’ve helped!

  2. My mom did something like this for me when I was little! She painted 8bit Mario on my bedroom walls. You’re parenting swell!

  3. That would be nightmare fuel for me. My early dreams tend to animate people and things in the room as I drift off. Posters of people come alive like pictures in Harry Potter. I was terrified as a child by a Cocktail poster where Tom Cruise had red eyes and wanted to kill me.

  4. Those guys were in Super Mario 2 as well. One of my favorites as a kid and so much different than the other super Mario games.

  5. This is so fucking cute. Never would I have thought I wanted to see what a baby Donkey Kong looked like until now. Awesome work! Was it all self-done?

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