34 thoughts on “I wish the same could happen irl”

  1. “pause your game.”

    “i can’t pause its multiplayer.”


    “why what? it’s an online game.”

    “why can’t you pause your game?”

    “it’s online multiplayer which means i can’t pause the game right now. can you please give me 5 minutes?”

    “just pause your game.”

  2. Dinnertime: at 18:00 for literally as long as you’ve been able to digest solids.

    Kid: [ starts a Fowtnite match at 17:58 ]

  3. Depends how long the matches are. I normally let my son finish his match. But one time I asked him to come downstairs and he asked if it could wait till his match was done. I said sure.

    Not sure what game he was playing, but apparently matches were 45+ minutes and it had just started when I asked him.

    Now I say finish the match, or 5-10 minutes, which ever comes first.

  4. Or you could not start a new game if you know dinner is being made. You youngins know nothing of real parenting most of us oldies went through. If we didn’t come when dinner was announced things either got flat out unplugged, or you didn’t get to eat. But it was mostly the former.

  5. Is this joke about pausing online games going to work with Millennials and their kids? Because if you’re a Millennial and don’t understand the concept of online games, you were probably raised Amish.

  6. Yea, no. In reality this exchange would go something like this:
    “pause your game.”

    “i can’t pause its multiplayer.”

    “Than why the hell did you start a game when it’s dinner time? Did you not know that we have dinner now? Why are you still playing, get your ass down here now.”

  7. Pause the game.

    I can’t.

    Then don’t. You can tell your team after dinner how you let them down by committing to something you knew you’d have to interrupt.

  8. more like:

    mother: “dinner in 30 mins”

    kid: “‘kay”

    mother: “dinner in 15”

    kid: starts a league ranked match

    mother: “dinner’s ready!”

    kid: “can’t in online match”

    mother: “when will it finish?”

    kid: “like 30 mins”

    mother unplus internet

    kid: shocked pika

  9. “Pause your game”

    ” I can’t it’s online”

    “Quit the game then”

    “I’ll lose my rank”

    ” Do I care?”

  10. Problem with this is when i say: finish your match to my son, he will just start a new one and say it took longer.

  11. I tell my kids when I begin to cook dinner how long they have until we eat and that way it’s never an issue. If something does stretch out I’m cool waiting a couple minutes because I know it’s important to them.

    I’ve never ever had a single complaint from them, even when they’ve had to quit a match or whatever they were playing, so I feel I can give them the same courtesy by waiting a couple minutes if it’s ever needed.

  12. I remember the first time my dad asked, “Are you playing online?… Can you come help when the match it over or whatever?” What a day.

  13. Mom-stop reposting this shitty meme and come eat dinner

    u/prodon7- but mom i really need this sweet karma

    mom-what does that mean?

    u/prodon7- it means i am really insecure and need validation from strangers on the internet, at the cost of ruining a sub!

    Mom- *visible disappointment

  14. Maybe I’m the outlier but these post intrigue me. My family never really ate together. I always got my food went in my room with it and continued my game

  15. Look, people, kids. Teens. Young adults. We know. We’re just used to saying pause. We’re not idiots. A good chunk of us game, too. It’s like how some of us say “Did you videotape it?” when we’re completely and totally aware of the fact that there is no tape in a phone. It’s just habit. So in conclusion, we mean “Get off the videogame and come here.” Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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