17 thoughts on “I’d say the MW beta is going well.”

  1. Played for a few hours this morning….and so far I gotta say, I’m impressed.

    Guns feel meaty to shoot, Ground War has been a blast (even if it’s just a rip off from battlefield). The only bug/glitch i’ve seen so far was a little bird chopper “hitting” a tree and blowing up, but wasn’t even close to making contact, im guessing some of the hit boxes might need tweaking.

    My only major grip is,as usual, the spawns can be a bit crap at times, but the new squad system takes the heat off that a bit.

  2. This kind of stuff is to be expected in the beta. That’s what the beta is for, to work out the bugs and stress test the game

  3. I’ve had fun with what I could play but I can never seem to finish a match. I get a lot of lost connection to host/server or my game just freezes 😞

  4. So what you’re saying is CoD is becoming the good version of classic battlefield while battlefield is becoming the bad version of cod

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