5 thoughts on “If I returned Nvidia Graphics card which came with a cod of Cod MW. Would I still be able to keep the code?”

  1. Probably.

    But if this is your sketchy way of getting a “free” copy of Modern Warfare, not only is it fraud, but you’re a dick too.

  2. I haven’t redeemed these nvidia sponsored games in ages, but, aren’t they now redeemed through geforce experience or something and you need to have the card to redeem it?

  3. Retailers typically discount the game by taking the price off the card and invoicing you for the software. When you return the card you’ll get only the money you paid for the card back and will be out the $60.

  4. Depends on where you got it from, I suppose. I know newegg will charge 2 seperate fees card + code that way if you return the card you are going to get a refund for what the card costs minus the game.

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