20 thoughts on “If Video Game Characters were named by Kojima”

  1. Kojima really needs to work on his subtlety if he wants to be taken seriously. I generally like the stories he tells and the themes he treats but the way he establishes those stories is fucking ridiculous.

    Either that or he should just go full Metal Gear Rising and embrace his madness.

  2. The first one: “Not-Zelda-but Sword-Shieldman” and that would have helped me so much! (I have never played Nintendo games and thought Link was a girl named Zelda, because that was what all boxes said on the front)

  3. I think an important thing to consider **might be**(I’m unsure myself) is that, well, Kojima is Japanese, primarily using Japanese language. Hence for him certain names probably sound in a completely different manner than they do for us.

    Think of, for example, Harry Potter, a series where half names of spells are based on latin. For us it sounds cool, but would that be the case too if latin was our primary language?

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