13 thoughts on “I’m going to play Lego star wars again. I had a blast as a child. And I think despite being a game for children the game is still awesome. Also Lego star wars 3 was also great. Do you think the series is still good even for alduts or just a repetitive children game and nostalgia is speaking to me?”

  1. They’re fun games, there’s no ‘challenge’ as such because you can’t die, you just respawn.

    But as fun little takes on their respective stories, I think it’s good, especially if you’re just feeling in the mood for it, go for it.

    Remember as well, if you’re playing on the steam beta, you could have a friend play co op with you using the steam remote play feature.

  2. Girlfriend and I played pretty much all the Lego games together. Even as an adult they can be challenging at times. We had a blast playing them. Now my daughter is old enough to play them and asks for help every once in a while and I find myself sitting down and playing for a little bit lol.

    Doesn’t matter your age. They’re good, clean, fun games!

  3. Hey games don’t have to be all blood guts and mature themes. Legos just make you smile. They are good hearted fun. I grin the entire time I watch or play with them. How many things cam you say that about?

  4. I like them, I still like them to this day, couldn’t care less if they’re for children, to me these games could be enjoyed by everyone, it’s just the treshold the one that gets more and more limited when you’re talking about more “mature” games, the scope of what people can enjoy becomes a bit more narrow, because there are some themes that children will almost certainly not understand in something like Gta, whilst an adult can quite understand the charm and innocent humor of something like these Lego games.

  5. I played through them recently and there were a few spots where I was confused about what to do. Other than that they are decent.

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