26 thoughts on “Impressive water physics”

  1. Probably just some form of shallow water simulation with an advected displacement texture of fft waves. Pretty easy to program actually.

  2. My favorite thing is that stupid trailer for Halo 5 with the guy going “mmmmhmmmm Loooookkkk at dat watuhhhh….” It hyped me up for the game and then when I got into Halo5 the water physics were below standard for a halo game….

  3. I was honestly expecting a vortex to form, the character to get sucked in, dies and then the Skyrim beginning cutscene starts

  4. Is this new level of detail exclusive to the PC version? I don’t recall the water physics being so good in RDR2 for PS4

  5. I remember the first time I played Skyrim and lost my shit when I ended up in a river and got taken downstream.

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