50 thoughts on “In my 30s and played this for the first time in my life today. It was everything I imagined it would be!”

  1. My brother got it for my twins for their birthday, and of all the gifts this won. Got played for an hour and a half straight with all of us waiting for turns.

  2. It’s available at my Target – I walked past and had to do a double take! It’s by the kids toys/family games sections.

  3. When I was 7 or 8 my mother moved us to the US. We we’re broke and living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. One day she came home from buying me clothes at the thrift store with this game. It was missing half of the ball bearings, and a little beat up, but I loved it. She fell asleep lying on the living room floor playing this game against me after working doubles at a restaurant more than a few times.

    Great game.

  4. I remember seeing the commercial for it sometimes twice a commercial break for TMNT and other Saturday morning cartoons.

  5. My wife and I found one at a stage sale for $1 WITH ALL THE MARBLES!!! or buck shot or whatever lol…I totally bought it

  6. I love games from our childhood. Shoot metal bbs at each other. I pull out weapons and warriors with the kids every once and awhile and my wife has a heart attack

  7. Whenever I get surrounded by a squad in any multiplayer game, and a couple of them take me out, I ALWAYS sing this theme song. CROSSFIRE!

  8. I wanted that game so long ago for Christmas but I got the generic version called “Showdown at the OK Coralle”. I will never forgive Santa 🎅 for that.

  9. Now leave that shit all over the floor so your dad steps on it 100 times and throws it away because you and your brothers never clean it up.

  10. Peace sells, but who’s buying?

    Peace sells, but who’s buying?

    Peace sells, but who’s buying?

    Peace sells, but CROSSFIRE!!!

  11. Holy crap! That was like a nostalgia uppercut! I wasn’t ready for that. I forgot that this game even existed

  12. My childhood was certainly not complete because my parents wouldn’t buy me this game. “YOU’LL JUST END UP LOSING ALL THE BALLS”

  13. A younger me was so fucking dissappointed when I thought Crossfire on CNN was about the game. It was not.

  14. My brothers and I would use Legos, blocks, etc and create mazes or at least random walls to make it more challenging.

    Also, you can take the cover off and make it even more stupid using just the frame.

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