3 thoughts on “Insurgency: Sandstorm Developers Discuss Canceled Game Set in Nicaragua”

  1. >Back in December, New World Interactive released[ *Insurgency: Sandstorm,*](https://www.dualshockers.com/insurgency-sandstorm-launch-trailer/) a sequel to the mod-turned-FPS classic that updates everything in Unreal Engine 4, and the developer is currently working on a new IP at their recently opened Calgary studio.

    I bought Sandstorm and enjoyed it a decent bit but ultimately feel it remains clunky feeling and incomplete. Therefore when I read stuff like this I think “Well, I won’t be buying anything from you again if this is a repeating pattern.” Sometimes I can’t tell if studios seek press like this piece as excuse making or because they’re so delusional about their products they think this is what their customers want to hear about how they’re already moving on or weren’t even completely focused on the game they sold in an incomplete state.

  2. insurgency is so good, i haven’t played it in awhile and recently have been playing co-op so cool

    the guns are amazing, that VHS one whatever it is omg

    edit: i play games like this on my rez 1440p but with pretty much everything else turned as low as it can go to try and get the 141 and this game runs like butter and even with everything on low it looks amazing I find

  3. Now wish they would discuss the Linux port of Sandstorm stated to be released in 2019. Three months remaining in the year and it’s sadly vaporware 🙁

    From the recent Escapist mini documentary on these guys, they seem to be very ambitious and have good ideas, but struggle with follow-through. I:S release was (and continues to be) plagued with issues, and the UE4 engine feels ponderously clunky and (at the same time, somehow) slippery when controlling the character. UE4 is easy to spin up out of the box but hard to make it feel right, it seems. I wish they had stayed with the Source engine and used all of their considerable experience with that tool. Seems like they tend to scrap and build instead of sticking with what they know best. High risk/high reward situation. I would take the advanced sound effects of I:S in the old Insurgency engine and consider it a net upgrade.

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